Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool: The Complete Guide Book

Are you facing any issues during the installation process of Quickbooks or any problem related to the .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ in Quickbooks? If yes, then congratulations here in this article, you can shut out these kinds of hassles in Quickbooks and can get the proper information of the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool: Definition

Quickbooks install diagnostic tool is a tool by which we can diagnose and solve issues during the installation of Quickbooks. QB diagnostic tool is specially designed for the Quickbooks Desktop version. We all know that the desktop version of Quickbooks application needs many Microsoft components for the best and proper functioning of the application, and also knows that, absence of a single component in QB may affect the entire software and the work. In this case, the one and only solution can be made by this Quickbooks tool.

Issues fixed by Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool:

Here are some cases where a Quickbooks user can use this tool easily.

  • Quickbooks error 1935
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Quickbooks error 1603
  • Installation Problem
  • Quickbooks error 1904
  • Damaged MSXML, and C++ errors in QB
  • Quickbooks error 1402
  • The opening problem of Quickbooks
  • Quickbooks error 80041668
  • Quickbooks error 179

Download and Installation Process of the diagnostic tool in Quickbooks:

  • At first download, the Quickbooks install diagnostic tools and store the tool in a safe space in your PC where you can detect it easily.
  • If you working with other programs in your system then close all the programs before downloading the tool.
  • Double click on the QuickbooksDesktopInstallDiagnosticTool.exe to open the tool.
  • After that, agree with the license agreement by clicking the ‘Yes’ option.
  • Then click the ‘Proceed’ option to start the scanning process.
  • After finishing these steps, reboot your computer.
  • A pop-up window may appear on the screen if you need to reactive/register the desktop version of Quickbooks or update Quickbooks desktop in the latest version, after running this tool.
  • Now it is ready to run.

Procedures to use the Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool:

  1. Run Quickbooks diagnostic tool:

    • If you want to follow this process to run the tool then first, download this tool.
    • You can download this tool through the internet easily.
    • Check that the file is saved in the Windows Desktop, and close all the present program in the window.
      ‘Run’ the tool.
    • And lastly, reboot the system.
  2. Download the latest update:

    • Tap the ‘Windows’ key from your keyboard.
    • Type window update in the search bar.
    • Read and follow the instructions, which are given on the screen.
    • After installing the updates reboot your system.
  3. Manual ways to use the tool:

    • In some cases, some users cannot attempt the genuine procedures to use this tool, but there is a selective start-up method by which any can run the tool easily.
      Note: This procedure is only for expert and advanced users.
    • Hold and press the ‘Windows’ key + R key from the keyboard simultaneously.
    • Then type ‘msconfig’ on the keyboard.
    • Next click ‘OK’.
    • Click the ‘General’ option from the present window.
    • Then click the ‘Selective start-up’ and ‘Load System Service’.
    • After that, you can see that the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ from the ‘Services tab’, just unmark it.
    • Click the ‘Disable’ option and restart the PC (Personal Computer) or system.

Resolve of Quickbooks installation error by the install diagnostic tool:

Installation error in Quickbooks is a common error in all Quickbooks Desktop version, but this error create lots of problem during the use of QB software. Here you can learn, how can you solve the installation error through the Quickbooks diagnostic tool hub. 

  • The common step of this method is that you have to download the QB diagnostic tool first.
  • And make sure to save the Windows Desktop file.
  • Close all the running programs in the background and click the ‘RUN’ option to run the tool.
  • Wait for the complete download process, the download process completely depends upon on the internet speed on your computer or in your PC.
  • After running, restart the system.
  • This tool will ensure that all the Quickbooks components are updated correctly.

There are some other methods to resolve the installation error those may help you to resolve the error, and some of the methods have been mentioned above in the ‘Procedure to use the Quickbooks diagnostic tool’, see the list below:

  • Download the latest update for ‘Windows’
  • Use the selective start-up method
  • Do some manual fix with the windows component
  • Uninstall or reinstall the Quickbooks Desktop

Some queries related to Quickbooks install diagnostic tool:

What is the procedure to repair the Quickbooks installation?

  • Repairing of Quickbooks installation issue is a common query for every Quickbooks user, if you need the solution of this query then hold the ‘Windows’ key with ‘E’ key from the keyboard simultaneously.
  • Then you can see an option of uninstall or change a program, just click on it.
  • After that choose your Quickbooks Desktop version and click on the uninstall/change option.
  • In the next step, click ‘Next’, and go to the Repair radio button.
  • Again click the ‘Next’ option and click ‘Repair’.

How to run a clean install of Quickbooks?

  • At first, uninstall the Quickbooks desktop perfectly, and rename the installation folder.
  • Then reinstall the Quickbooks Desktop in your server.


Hope this article will help you to use the diagnostic tool perfectly. Further, if you getting any problem understanding this article or finding any difficulties in the procedures then you can troubleshoot your problem through our Quickbooks technical support team member. They are always ready to shut out your problem at any time and anywhere.

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