Freshbooks Accounting Software (Make your business easy to handle)

Freshbooks accounting software is a well-developed cloud-based software that makes our small business easy, fast and secure. It is a trusted accounting software by more than 24 million Freshbooks users. Freshbooks software can handle all activities of accounting and allows you to concentrate and spend more time on your business. Freshbooks invoicing and Freshbooks time tracking are the two best features and most satisfying features of the software according to the Freshbooks reviews of customers. Apart from this, there are many other key features are available in this software which will be discussed below.

Freshbooks Features: Which will attract you to choose this software


In the easy invoicing features of Freshbooks, you can create professional invoices in less time. Freshbooks allows you to use credit cards, and ACH to pay in the invoices. You can put your business in the Auto-pilot option, can bill exactly, and can establish stable cash flow also. Freshbooks offers you so many features for the invoicing activities like adding invoices in the due dates, can customize the invoice payment term, calculate all the taxes automatically, can see the invoices before sending, can invoicing in mobile through the Freshbooks app.


Keep tracking your expenses without getting any tension in the Freshbooks accounting software. Freshbooks made easy to track the expenses, do you want to know how? Then listen, just connect your bank account to the Freshbooks account and avoid all the manual entries. Use all the features of expenses tracking in Freshbooks like multi-currency expenses, friendly tax category, categorization will be automatically, mark the expenses easily, receipts can be stored in a safe place, and expenses can be imported automatically from your bank, etc.

Time Tracking:

In the above, we have mentioned that Freshbooks time tracking is one of the most liked features of Freshbooks customers. If you installed Freshbooks software in your system for strong business management then you can realize, how beneficial it is? Freshbooks provides a lot of features to the users like managing time for a specific project, easy use of timer in all systems, can add detailed time entry notes, bills can be created automatically for the tracked hours, can view the weekly and monthly tracked time and etc.


Reporting is the most crucial activity for any kind of finance management, so every user should be careful about it. Now we can prepare the report easily with the help of Freshbooks because of its various features like the making of loss and profit report, sales tax report, aging report of accounts, payments collected report, expenses report, trial balance report, general ledger reports, chart of accounts report, and many more.


Make a confident business decision in the accounting tool of Freshbooks. Freshbooks double-entry tools help you to check the balances automatically. Prepare a perfect balance sheet, trial balance, general ledger, cost of goods sold, chart of account details, journal entries, accountant access, interest, income, and rental details for accounting. You can invite your accountant to your Freshbooks account and they can also get the financial information to support your business.


Freshbooks payment is secure for both you and your client. It allows the users to use all the major credit cards for the Freshbooks online transactions. Add automation to create a subscription-based client profile in Freshbooks and save all the credit card information for easy billing in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages of Freshbooks accounting software:

Advantages of Freshbooks:

  • The very first thing is that the software is easy to use.
  • It allows the users to track the expenses and time and to create invoices.
  • All the payments an expenses information are records in the software.
  • It allows users to send a friendly reminder to the customers, alert them that they have not paid yet.

Disadvantages of Freshbooks:

  • The first disadvantage of Freshbooks is that it is not easy to track the income easily. It will take some more steps to track the income easily and quickly and that is you have to add a dummy account in the Freshbooks software with the proper information.
  • If you want to limit the number of clients in your Freshbooks then you have to pay at least $29.95 per month.

How Freshbooks is differing from other accounting software?

  • Simple software to use from other accounting software
  • Freshbooks can easily track time for projects 
  • Quickly bill clients
  • Freshbooks can be used in multiple devices.
  • The unique system can focus on invoicing in Freshbooks.

Some common errors faced by Freshbooks Users:

  • Invoices are sending properly
  • Unable to specify the due date for payments
  • Failure to categorizing the services
  • Difficulties occurring to pay easily
  • Errors arrived in the sending invoices
  • Freshbooks log in error
  • Transposition error in Freshbooks
  • No idea to get the clients access
  • Data entry error in Freshbooks

These are some common errors faced by users which can be solved through our Freshbooks customer support team. Get the Freshbooks help and support by dialing our Freshbooks support number. Our highly-qualified and well-experienced team members are available to help you at any time and anywhere.

The Ending Point:

There are many businessmen who cannot focus on their business due to the paperwork. If you don’t want to waste your time in paperwork then allow the Freshbooks accounting software in your business world. Just save your time and focus on your business to take the business on the top. If you are tracked between some confusion related to the Freshbooks then you can get the Freshbooks support from our Freshbooks customer service team. Dial our Freshbooks phone number to get the instant and best solution. Here we are always to provide the best Freshbooks services for the 24 hours.    

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