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Quickbooks Student Discount : Know how to get it

Generally, we all know that the Quickbooks software is the best and helpful software for all small and medium-sized businesses and for large-enterprise business also. But some people don’t know that QB software is not only a useful software for business purposes, but also for the students also. Yes, Intuit runs the ‘Quickbooks Student Discount’ education program to empower the students and educators. Here in this blog, you can know everything about the Quickbooks Student Discount plan, so read this blog carefully to get the advantages of this program and enhance your knowledge regarding the program.

What is ‘Quickbooks student discount’ program?

Quickbooks student discount is an educational program provided by Intuit. In this program, Intuit provides a free student version of Quickbooks online and Quickbooks desktop to the students and teachers, and also provides a free trial version for 30 days those who are not eligible for the Quickbooks student discount. After that, you can download the Quickbooks software (Online version/desktop version) from the official site Intuit. Intuit provides two types of Quickbooks discounts for the students, one is a Quickbooks online discount and the other is Quickbooks desktop discount.

Quickbooks Online Discount :

If you are (students or teachers) eligible for the discount or for the free download then, Intuit will give you the access of Quickbooks online plus to use it free for 1 year. And it is applicable for all students ad teachers of the USA. You can get the Quickbooks online accountants with a non-expiring license if you are an eligible teacher.

Quickbooks Desktop Discount:

For the eligible students and teachers, Intuit provides the Quickbooks Desktop Edition without any cost. If you thinking that you are an eligible student or teacher to get the discount program then you can register for a 5 months free trial for the Quickbooks and can download from the official site of Intuit. It also provides a non-expiring license to the Students & Teachers of Quickbooks Accountant Desktop.

How to know that you are eligible or not for the Quickbooks student discount?

If you want to get all these free trials and advantages provided by the Intuit education program, you have to prove that you are an eligible candidate for this discount. Here we have mentioned some points, that will help you to give the answer to the above question.

  • An identified primary or secondary school.
  • Public university or college
  • The greate board of education
  • Identified school providing full-time instructions for students in grade K-12
  • University including junior college, vocational school

Platforms to get Quickbooks software by using the discounts:

You can get the software in two ways, you can get it from offline platforms, and can get it also from the online platforms. But it will be good to choose the online platform to get the software at a discount in a short time.
Intuit Quickbooks official site:
If you searching for the best platform to download the Quickbooks software then Intuit is the best platform to get it. You can download directly from its official site without getting any issue.
Apple Store:
Students and teachers can download the QB software from the Apple store and can purchase it offline store also.
If you are sure that you are an eligible student or teacher then you can download the free trial version of the software from the official web portal of Microsoft with a verification certificate.

Hope, this blog will help you to know more about the Quickbooks student discount. Really it is a helpful plan provided by Intuit educational program. If you are a student and you are thinking that you are eligible for this program then hurry up and register for this discount.


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