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Are you worried about your business? Do you need any help to manage your business? And are you unable to use the Quickbooks accounting software perfectly? If the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’ then there is one and only solution for you, and that is ‘Find a Quickbooks ProAdvisor. Most of the Quickbooks users, accountants, entrepreneurs, and business representatives hire a Quickbooks ProAdvisor to make their business better. If you want to hire a ProAdvisor or want to be a Quickbooks ProAdvisor then stay with us and know everything about Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

What is Quickbooks Proadvisor?

Before finding a Quickbooks ProAdvisor you have to know that what is Quickbooks ProAdvisor. Quickbooks ProAdvisor is an Intuit certified independent accounting professional advisor or mentor who helps the Quickbooks users to grow their business by providing solutions and advice regarding the Quickbooks business and software. They make your work easy by managing all the accounting activities like invoice creating, report tracking, transaction tracking, inventory management, paying bills, and etc. The experts can provide strategies to drive the business successfully.

Benefits of hiring a Quickbooks ProAdvisor:

  • The first thing is that with the help of Quickbooks ProAdvisor experts your business and workflow will run smoothly.
  • Get the best advice and guidance to manage the account section.
  • They help you to remind your focus on what you want to achieve.
  • Get the latest update of accounting rules and features of Quickbooks.
  • They handle all the accounting activities.
  • Quickbooks Pro-Advisor can help you to choose the best and latest Quickbooks version according to your needs.
  • They get discounts on all Quickbooks products that means they can extend the discounts to their clients.
  • The Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor (CPA) can easily connect with the Intuit Customer service team members or Quickbooks customer service team members with the help of phone and chat to troubleshoot your problem in a short time.
  • They have a lot of knowledge regarding all the Quickbooks products, so they can fix all kinds of Quickbooks error code.
  • Quickbooks ProAdvisor makes sure that all the payrolls included payment deductions, salaries, taxation and so on.
  • Enter your transactions without facing any problem.
  • You can manage and set up your company file with complete guidance through Quickbooks proadvisor.

Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Services provided by Quickbooks ProAdvisor:

Bookkeeping Services:
We all know that bookkeeping is an important part of accounting. If you have any doubts regarding the bookkeeping activities in Quickbooks then you can get a consultant from your Quickbooks ProAdvisor. They can provide you the best plan to keep the bookkeeping perfectly for your business.

Accounts payable services:
You can get the account payable service to maintain your data, files, bills, of your business. They will help you to track all the details of every transaction and will give you each and every information about your business.

Payroll services:
Payroll is another important activity in Quickbooks, you can also get help regarding the payroll service of Quickbooks. Now you can maintain the payroll of your business perfectly with the help of your expert.

Reconciliation services:
It is always important to get the reconciliation service to keep the business perfect. The QB ProAdvisor will help you to get all the transaction reports and reconciliation reports of the Quickbooks company file with the monthly statement of bank transactions.

Quickbooks Setup services:
Quickbooks ProAdvisor will help you to set up all the software, applications and tools regarding the Quickbooks software and also help you to set up all the files and documents in Quickbooks.

How to become a Quickbooks Pro-Advisor?

If you want to become a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor then you have to follow some procedures and have to give an exam for it. Certification of Quickbooks ProAdvisor is 4 types and they are Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks POS, Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions. It is not necessary to have a particular degree in accounting and bookkeeping for Quickbooks Pro-advisor. You just have to secure an 80% mark in the Quickbooks ProAdvisor exam. Follow the below steps to attend the exam:

Step 1: Create a Quickbooks Online Accountant Account:

At first, you have to create a free Quickbooks Online accountant account. E-mail address, user name, First name, last name, password and other requirements are need in the registration, fill out the registration form without making any mistake.

Step 2: Prepare for the Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certification Exam:

After registration, it’s time to prepare for the Quickbooks Proadvisor certification exam. Now you can get proper training of 7 modules after creating your profile in the Quickbooks online accountant. Login to the Quickbooks online accountant and study the material like setting up clients, accountants, managing your work, Quickbooks solution, banking, and tools and etc.

Step 3: Finally, give the test:

If you thinking that you are now ready to give the exam then sign in to the Quickbooks accountant and select the ‘Test’ option to give a test. You can give the exam without paying any money. In this exam, you have two hours to finish the exam in 7 sections of 55 questions. You have to secure 80% above marks to qualify for this exam. If unfortunately, you can’t qualify in the first attempt then you can get three attempts to qualify this exam.

Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certification:

In the above, we have told you that ProAdvisor has 4 types of certification, in this section, you will know something about these four certifications.

Quickbooks Certification:

If you want to crack this certification then you have to secure an 85% score to clear this exam. You have to cover some topics to get the Quickbooks certification like financial reporting, setup process, recording transactions, setup process, and Quickbooks installation.

Quickbooks Advanced Certification:

This certification can be qualified by the good and understanding candidates. It covers the topic of accounting principles, advanced key features of Quickbooks, client data file problems solutions. It is necessary to pass the basic exam for 3 consecutive years to get the advanced certification exam.

Quickbooks POS Certification:

The Quickbooks POS certification is necessary if you want to work for the retail industry. If you finding a Quickbooks ProAdvisor then it is the best option to choose this certification.

Quickbooks Enterprise Solution Certification:

Quickbooks enterprise solution certification is an individual testing certification test. At first, you have to clear the basic Quickbooks ProAdvisor certification to give the enterprise solution certification exam.

How to find a Quickbooks ProAdvisor consultant?

It is not so difficult to find a Quickbooks Proadvisor, you can find the best accountant online as well as offline. But it is necessary to select the best one of Quickbooks ProAdvisor because in the future, they will be responsible for the entire business. At first, list your all requirements and needs to manage your account section. And inquiry about the experience and knowledge for your Quickbooks ProAdvisor, so that you can handover your all business accounting activities to the ProAdvisor easily, without any tension. Search the best Quickbooks ProAdvisor on different websites, so that you can compare all things about them. And try to hire a Quickbooks ProAdvisor in your near location, ask some common questions directly. Here are some sources mentioned in the below, that will help you to choose the best Quickbooks ProAdvisor, have a look:

Sources to find the best ProAdvisor for QB:

Quickbooks ProAdvisor Website:

If you eagerly need the best Proadvisor to grow up your business this website is the best option to find a Quickbooks ProAdvisor. 50,000 certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor are available to provide the perfect suggestion in the USA, but you have to choose the best one. You can also find a ProAdvisor near to you by providing the address (city, state and zip code).

Meetups Group:

Meetups Group is another source where you can find a ProAdvisor. Just visit the site and search for ‘Quickbooks’ and check for a group near your area. It is a group of multi-members by which you can meet your ProAdvisor once a month.

Local SBDC office:

You can get free financing, local entrepreneurs, and business regarding works from the local SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) office. Here all ProAdvisors are not Intuit certified Proadvisor, sp you have to mention what kind of ProAdvisor you need.

Accountex Website:

The Accountex website is the best alternative to the Quickbooks ProAdvisor website. It is a community of global membership that provides training to accounting experts. On this website, you can enter your zip code, city, state to find a ProAdvisor.

What is the best time to hire a Quickbooks ProAdvisor?

If you are thinking about what is the best time to hire a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, then the answer will be January-April. Yes, it is the best time to hire a Quickbooks ProAdvisor because this time the tax season is over and the chances of getting a call back is high. It is the busiest time for all QB ProAdvisor experts, so try to find a Quickbooks ProAdvisor as soon as possible.


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